Let Bed and Breakfast Blogging focus on your marketing, so you can focus on your guests!

Kristi Dement

Hi, I'm Kristi Dement. I live in the Raleigh, NC area with my family. Since 2013, I've been consulting with B&B owners & innkeepers just like you. I'm also a member of the Association of Lodging Professionals.

Let me, respectfully, ask you this: If you aren't happy with your business, yet don't do ANYTHING different than what you're currently doing, then HOW will your business improve? 

Bed and Breakfast Blogging provides consulting and online marketing services that will help your B&B inn earn more revenue. If you own accommodations in North America, I can help you and your hospitality business. 

My clients consistently attract more B&B guests to book directly with them (thus paying less commissions to online travel agencies).

Revenue can be earned throughout the year. This includes offering guest packages, hosting private events, and other options in addition to hosting overnight guests. 

While it's not very easy to increase the number of rooms you have, I can share with you additional revenue streams you can use to grow your business to greater heights. 

One client told me that after managing their social media for 6 months, that I literally DOUBLED their business. While I cannot promise you the same results, I treat your business like it is MY own business (and helping you helps my business, too). 

If you have a passion for hospitality, but not time (and/or not much interest) to successfully manage your inn's marketing, consider contacting me for a free (no-obligation) 20-minute consultation!