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Developing a content calendar is an effective way to plan how your bed and breakfast communicates with guests. A winning content calendar is one that leads to more views, likes, shares, bookings, sales, and revenue! 

Your Ideal Guests

First, think about who you are targeting--your ideal guests. When you know who you are trying to attract, then you can think about what they want to see. Why do people choose your accommodations over your competition? Reasons include your location, their lifestyle, your reputation, and much more.

Monthly Content Calendar

I recommend developing a content calendar for every month of the year. Think about the main messages and topics you want to communicate to potential guests. It is important to stay consistent for branding purposes. Be clear on what you're about.

Show Consistent Themes

While sharing a variety of content is excellent, you want to convey around 10 consistent themes (this is just a suggested number). This is what you want to be known for. This allows potential guests to get to know you and your accommodations. As you draw followers, you can engage with them in a variety of ways including asking them questions.

Once you've identified your "Big 10" then you can plan your calendar. This will depend upon your location as well as what you want to emphasize about your B&B. Consider focusing on any of the following topics:

  • Accommodations: show what makes your inn uniquely awesome
  • Activities: things to do inside and outside your inn
  • Amenities: such as what's included in every guest room
  • Community: local events, how you contribute, etc.
  • Events: private events you host like parties and weddings
  • Food: share delicious looking pictures of what you share with guests
  • Holidays/special days: major holidays, seasons, fun holidays, food holidays
  • Local area: attractions, local businesses, restaurants, shopping, venues, etc.
  • Niche: green leader, pet-friendly, romantic, vegetarian, etc.
  • Packages: consider having a variety of options including seasonal packages
  • People: owner(s), innkeeper(s), guests (with their permission)
  • Promotions: products, services, partners, contests, etc.
  • Quotes: your own, funny, motivational, or thoughtful
  • Reviews: share positive guest reviews
  • Tips/Trivia: travel tips, did you know?...

Variety Is The Key

It's not about being perfect. It's about being social. It's a good idea to space your posts out so that there is a variety.

Think about the pictures, videos, and books you may want to share. By planning ahead of time, you will save time and be more consistent. For 30 posts in 10 categories, you need 3 posts in each category.

Be sure to store your images all together. Give specific details that describe the image. For example, "Breakfast French Toast Guest Smiling" In addition to any professional photography you have, you can create your own images. Be sure to use good lighting.

Blog Posts

At a minimum, you should be blogging at least once a month. Each blog post is another way for someone to come to your website. Depending upon what they type in search engines, you can become known for your information about something in your area. Be sure to tell people about your inn in part of each post. Tie it into the blog post topic.

E-Newsletter Updates

Consider sending an e-newsletter on a monthly basis (or every other week). The key to doing that is to (with their permission) enter the email addresses of your guests as they stay with you. In addition, you can ask them to opt into your e-newsletters on the home page of your website. That way you can develop the connection you have with previous guests as well as prospective guests.

Social Media Presence

Determine how many posts you will create for each social media network each month. Consider having a presence on networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. You do not have to regularly use all of them, but at least have your profile and one post sharing your name, location, and website address. I recommend choosing to regularly post on the social media networks your target audience uses most.

For example, the following are a selection of special days from the 2020 Calendar Year.


  • 1) New Year's Day
  • 5) National Bird Day
  • 6) National Cuddle Up Day
  • 14) Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • 21) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 28) Fun at Work Day


  • 2) Groundhog Day
  • 14) Valentine's Day
  • 17) Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 18) Drink Wine Day
  • 20) Love Your Pet Day
  • 25) Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday


  • 3) Day of Unplugging
  • 6) Oreo Day
  • 11) Napping Day
  • 14) Pi Day
  • 16) World Sleep Day
  • 17) St. Patrick's Day


  • 1) April Fool's Day
  • 3) Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
  • 7) National Beer Day
  • 11) National Pet Day
  • 12) Easter
  • 22) Earth Day


  • 4) Star Wars Day
  • 5) Cinco de Mayo
  • 11) Eat What You Want Day
  • 12) Mother's Day
  • 25) Memorial Day
  • 25) National Wine Day


  • 1) National Donut Day
  • 16) Father's Day
  • 19) National Kissing Day
  • 20) First Day of Summer / Summer Solstice
  • 21) National Selfie Day
  • 30) Social Media Day


  • 1) International Joke Day
  • 4) Independence Day
  • 7) Chocolate Day
  • 15) National Ice Cream Day
  • 17) World Emoji Day
  • 30) International Day of Friendship


  • 1) National Girlfriends Day
  • 9) Book Lover's Day
  • 10) National S'mores Day
  • 16) National Tell a Joke Day
  • 20) National Lemonade Day
  • 26) National Dog Day


  • 1) International Bacon Day
  • 2) Labor Day
  • 19) Oktoberfest Begins
  • 21) First Day of Fall
  • 27) World Tourism Day
  • 29) Coffee Day


  • 1) World Vegetarian Day
  • 3) National Techies Day
  • 6) World Smile Day
  • 19) Sweetest Day
  • 27) Make a Difference Day
  • 31) Halloween


  • 1) World Vegan Day
  • 11) Veterans Day
  • 15) America Recycles Day
  • 26) Thanksgiving
  • 28) Small Business Saturday
  • 30) Cyber Monday


  • 1) Giving Tuesday
  • 18) Bake Cookies Day
  • 19) National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
  • 24) Christmas Eve
  • 25) Christmas Day
  • 31) New Year's Eve

Post With Purpose

The most successful people consistently post with purpose. Even if that purpose is to convey how fun your inn is! It is important that your marketing has a strategy. Developing a content calendar is an excellent marketing strategy.

If you'd rather be serving your guests than blogging or being on social media, I get that! You're welcome to contact Kristi Dement of Bed & Breakfast Blogging for a free 20-minute phone conversation.

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