Since colors can be quite attractive, it is not surprising that so many bed and breakfasts are named colors. We take a look at bed and breakfasts across the United States that have a color in their name.

This is a small sampling of colorful inns listed in alphabetical order by name:

Amber House Bed and Breakfast: Sacramento, California (their logo has grain in it like the "God Bless America" song lyric "amber waves of grain")

Black Forest B&B Lodge and Cabins: Colorado Springs, Colorado (built in the majestic Black Forest, the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains)

Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast: Missoula, Montana (the sky is so blue in this gorgeous mountain setting)

Brownstone Colonial Inn: Reinholds, Pennsylvania (a beautifully restored 18th century Georgian sandstone farmhouse)

Green Palm Inn: Savannah, Georgia (there are a lot of green palm trees in Savannah)

Indigo Inn: Charleston, South Carolina (in the year 1850, this property used built to serve as an indigo warehouse now it has been transformed into a lovely inn)

Orange Blossom Hacienda: Queen Creek, Arizona (of course they have orange blossoms for guests to enjoy)

Purple Mountain Lodge B&B and Spa: Crested Butte, Colorado (the lodge is a pretty shade of purple)

Red Gate Inn: McKinney, Texas (appropriately, they have a red gate and a red front door)

Silver Fountain Inn: Dover, New Hampshire (their silver fountain has lights so you can even see it at night)

The Golden Leaf Inn: Estes Park, Colorado (located on a scenic mountain with plenty of trees including golden leaves)

The Yellow House: Waynesville, North Carolina (there's no surprise that the house is yellow in color)

Tickle Pink Inn: Carmel, California (sits on the original home site of State Senator Edward and Mrs. Bess Tickle, who loved flowers--especially pink flowers)

Violet Hill Bed and Breakfast: Middletown, New York (originally operated as a dairy farm in 1926, they now grow beautiful flowers for market)

White Porch Inn: Provincetown, Massachusetts (in keeping with their name, the whole inn, including the porch, is the color white)

If you stayed at (or own) a bed and breakfast with a color in its name, feel free to comment below with the name and its website address. Bed and breakfast inns display lots of lovely colors.

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