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We help you choose from the following social media channels for us to provide you with an active and strategic social media presence:


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Our e-newsletters promote the best of your inn as well as your local area.  This is a wonderful surprise reminder to guests and potential guests of why they want to vacation at your B&B inn.


Reputation Management:

Our elite reputation management services monitor all comment activity across every platform to ensure only positive visibility and engagement for your business.  This includes tracking comments on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.


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“My husband Brady and I are the owners of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Missoula, Montana.  We love to cook, garden and entertain, but social media is not our strong suit. 

Luckily, Kristi Dement came to our rescue while we were re-vamping our website.  We met through LinkedIn and the rest is history! The world of social media is second nature to Kristi and I truly can’t imagine running our business without her help. 

We originally hired Kristi to write monthly blogs for us.  She proved to be so insightful and enthusiastic that we now have her helping us with a variety of media-related projects. Kristi has set us up with Pinterest and Twitter, along with other social media sources.

In addition to that, she is helping us learn how to use social media ourselves so we can break into this new age of technology- critical for running a business in this day and age.  Let’s just say that Kristi has the patience of a saint!  I can’t think of anyone more qualified and dedicated in their work. 

Kristi maintains such a high level of professionalism, while still being extremely personable and caring. With a degree in Library Science, she is able to research topics quickly and respond to our questions almost immediately. 

As a professional bed and breakfast and restaurant blogger, Kristi is familiar with our specific business needs and interacts with us daily in one form or another.  I know Kristi Dement will help our B&B business prosper and we are truly thankful to have her in our lives.

We weren’t too sure we could afford to hire a social media specialist since we own such a small business.  The truth is, Kristi’s rates are very reasonable and the advice and help she has given us make her invaluable. 

We just want to thank her for everything she has done for us.  I recommend Kristi very highly and would encourage people to visit her bed and breakfast blogging website which has beneficial social media tips for everyone out there!”

Elaine Anderson-Wood

Co-Owner of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast  406-251-4457


Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast photo by Marcus Berg of Unique Angles Photography

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