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Do you want consistently booked rooms and great reviews for your B&B inn? Are you tired of losing commission because you rely on online travel agencies to find your guests?  Bed and Breakfast Blogging provides consulting and online marketing services that will help your B&B inn earn more revenue:



Looking to create more revenue for your B&B inn? You may not be able to add more rooms, but there are certainly additional ways of making money. We offer professional hospitality consulting when it comes to developing packages, hosting events, overseeing retreats, and more! We offer practical solutions for attracting more money to your hospitality business. We help you determine which ways are the best fit for your inn and your ideal guests.



We use keywords in our blog posts that attract potential guests to your area. We emphasize the unique amenities and superior hospitality you offer guests. Our blog posts (with keywords and tags) show up in the search engines to give you ongoing results.


Social Media

We maintain an active, strategic presence for you on the major social media websites. We use attractive images every time we post something in social media. We share blog posts, your special packages, and much more! We help you choose the right social media channels where your target audience will find you! 


Email marketing

Our e-newsletters promote the best of your inn as well as your local area.  We share tips on your local hot spots, blog posts, your recipes, & your pictures.  This is a wonderful surprise reminder to guests and potential guests of why they want to vacation at your B&B inn.


Reputation Management

Our elite reputation management services monitor all comment activity across every platform to ensure only positive visibility and engagement for your business.  This includes tracking comments on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. We prevent and defuse reputation crises so you maintain your reputation for superior hospitality. 



Website Editing  

We use the keywords your bed and breakfast audience is using to find you online. This optimizes your content and helps it rank higher in the search engine for those keywords.


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