Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Missoula, MT

Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast in Durham, NC

"My husband Brady & I are the owners of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Missoula, Montana. We love to cook, garden, and entertain, but social media is not our strong Suite. Luckily, Kristi Dement came to our rescue when we were re-vamping our website. We met through LinkedIn and the rest is History! The work of Social media is second nature to Kristi and I truly can't imagine running our business without her help!"

"Kristi maintains such a high level of professionalism, while still being extremely personable and caring. With a degree in library science, she is able to research topics quickly and respond to our questions almost immediately. Kristi is familiar with our specific business needs and interacts with us daily in one form or another. I can't think of anyone more qualified and dedicated in their work."

"We weren't too sure we could afford to hire a social media specialist since we own such a small business. The truth is, Kristi's rates are very reasonable and the advice and help she has given us make her invaluable. We just want to thank her for everything she has done for us. I recommend Kristi very highly and would encourage people to visit her blog which has beneficial social media tips for everyone out there!" (Elaine Anderson-Wood, Co-Owner Of Blue Mountain Bed And Breakfast in Missoula, MT (406) 251-4457)

"Kristi Was A Great Asset To Our Team. We Found That, In Bringing Her On Board, We Were Able To "Outsource" Key Marketing Activities And Know That They Would Be Performed With Excellence, On A Timely Basis, And With Little Needed Follow-Up. I Am Confident That You Will Find Her To Be A Multiplier For Your Organization In Its Marketing Efforts As Well!" (Fred Hathaway, COO Locus Family Centered Therapies)

"Kristi Rocks! She is a very talented blog writer and social media specialist. Kristi has been putting her skills to work for me since 2014. Kristi is a pleasure to work with , she's very professional and passionate about her job. Full of brilliant ideas and on top of the latest trends in social media. She is a wealth of knowledge." (Monica Edwards, Co-Owner of Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast in Durham, NC (919) 687-4366)

"What a treasure for our industry. Such good information!" (Margi Erickson, Co-Owner of C.W. Worth House in Wilmington, NC (910) 762-8562)

"Kristi Dement approaches Pinterest as an art form. Images convey thought, denote emotion and provide real time information to potential guests.  Promptly, effectively and with eyes dedicated to creativity, she will transform your rather lack luster board into an effective means of articulate communication with your guests in the medium many of them identify with best: pictures. If she builds it they will come." (Patti Wiles, Retired, Former Owner of At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn in Asheville, NC)

"Kristi Dement worked for almost two years as an experienced I.M.U. Social Media Senior Writer. Her conversational writing style is always entertaining. She can make any subject unique and interesting. She takes her writing very seriously and is always ahead of schedule in this deadline driven business. Her blog posts are loaded with both fresh content and with the important keywords and tags our clients and Google love. Kristi is also a good learner, does her homework with each client, and is constantly improving her level of expertise; open to suggestions from our editors and our clients, she continues to grow. Finally, we have no other writer who finds the great pictures of the quality she does, in the efforts to give our team choices when the blog posts are published. Everyone needs a Kristi on their team."  (Jim Vogel, Owner of I.M.U. Social Media LLC in Davidson, NC)

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