Bed and Breakfast Blogging has been sharing some highlights from the excellent social media marketing book about Twitter called The Tao of Twitter. If you remember, one of the three essentials to achieving Twitter Tao is called, "authentic helpfulness."  The author, Mark W. Schaefer, referring to this concept:

  • Friendships are built on trust and that trust must be earned
  • Treat people like friends and not like targets
  • Ask questions and answer them or refer them to someone who can
  • Read people's profiles, visit their websites, and write a comment
  • Retweet other people's useful or entertaining tweets
  • Look in your notifications for @mentions where they refer to you by your @twittername
  • Be genuine, stay honest, and show your personality
  • Take extended conversations to direct messages or going offline
  • Never have a public argument on Twitter
  • Congratulate others publicly for achieving milestones
  • Look for opportunities to help people and answer questions with links to your helpful content or others
  • @HiltonSuggests answers ANY traveler questions whether or not they are staying at a Hilton (by showing this goodwill they are earning others' trust and possibly their business the day on the tweet or some time in the future)

Schaeffer has a chapter called "Unraveling Twitter" where he explains the language of Twitter:

  • @reply is visible to everyone
  • "Avatar" = personal image
  • "BFN" = "bye for now"
  • Choose "block" to prevent someone from following you or your tweets
  • Report anything offensive or illegal
  • "DM" refers to direct messages only sent between people following each other
  • "EM" = "email me"
  • Everyone can see what people "favorite"
  • "Feed" refers to your posts on your Twitter feed or timeline
  • "Follow" means subscribing to another's tweets
  • "#FF" = Follow Friday
  • "HT" = Hat Tip, acknowledging who gave you the idea for the content
  • "ICYMI" = "in case you missed it"
  • "IDK" = "I don't know"
  • "IMO" = "in my opinion"
  • "Locking" means only your friends can see your updates which is not good if you want to network, gain more awareness, and host more guests
  • Mention @Twitterhandle to engage with people you are talking about in your tweets
  • "MT" = modified tweet (put the MT before the tweet)
  • "RT" = retweet (via @username) credits others for their work
  • Search tool helps find people, links, and the latest real-time news
  • "TFTF" = "thanks for the follow"
  • "TMB" = "tweet me back"
  • Trends or trending topics list the most popular topics in real time
  • Tweeps or tweeples is a cluster of friends on Twitter
  • A "tweetup" is an arrangement to meet up in real life, this can be formally scheduled or spur of the moment

Mark writes in his book that hashtags (#) make tweets more meaningful and discoverable. They connect people at conferences or events.  Hashtags are the key to making sense of Twitter, an easy way to group tweets, and the key to making money on Twitter.  Eleven percent of tweets now contain hashtags.

  • #'s can group together messages from an extended conversation
  • # to discover topics in the search box and to help others find your content
  • # trending topics
  • # news and emergencies
  • # contests and promotions
  • # TV and live events
  • # research to get news and conversations happening now
  • # to create buzz or raise curiosity
  • # to be funny
  • sometimes #'s can be "news-jacked" and refer to a different meaning than originally intended

In Part Three of The Tao of Twitter we will discuss Mark W. Schaefer's suggestions for ways to attract Twitter followers and how to find your tribe. Twitter is a great social media channel to attract more guests and earn more business.  Bed and Breakfast Blogging helps bed and breakfasts get more business through our blogging and social media services.


About the author 

Kristi Dement

Tapping into her love of hospitality & accommodations, as well as her talent for marketing, Kristi started Bed and Breakfast Blogging in November of 2013. She loves helping owners of B&B inns & other properties become more effective with their marketing. She is a member of the Association of Lodging Professionals. 

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